Busty Loki, Thor, Freyr, Freyja, and Idunn & Idunna (Ultimate Evolutions)

The new ultimate evolutions image and stats of Loki, Thor, Freyr, Freyja, and Idunn & Idunna have been released for the Japanese version of Puzzle and Dragons.

They all will gain:

  • A slight stat boost
  • A second element (of the same as the primary. Adds 10% more damage)
  • An additional monster type.

Monster Types:
Freyr – Attacker
Idunn & Idunna – Technique
Freyja – Healer
Thor – Physical
Loki – Demon
Their leader skills will also extend to said type.
(Loki will be 2x ATK and RCV for light and demon types.)


Here’s what they look like:

Ultimate Evolution Loki

Ultimate Evolution Thor

Ultimate Evolution Freyr

Ultimate Evolution Freyja

Ultimate Evolution Idunn & Idunna

What Makes Puzzle and Dragons so Popular?

There are many factors that go into making Puzzle and Dragons popular.

One of them is the simplicity. Puzzle and Dragons presents itself as a mix of Bejeweled and Pokemon, two very familiar games. This makes it easy to understand and get hooked.

Each item the player receives is useful. Monsters can be fused with other monsters in order to gain experience. This makes everything flow very smoothly.

Also, the Random Egg Machine brings in an element of gambling. You never know what you are going to receive, but the chance at a Super Rare “God” makes the moment thrilling. You are only one roll away from adding a significant piece to your team, that others will be envious of.

Speaking of other players, Puzzle and Dragons has a very successful way of making friends an important key aspect of the game. Each team you bring to battle has one friend monster. This friend monster brings valuable stats and skills to your team, which can not be ignored. This makes the game fun to play with friends, as well as meet new people.

Once you play the game more, it expands from just being a fun game, to involving more strategy.The player must use stamina and magic stones wisely. The player will strategically build certain teams in order to beat tougher dungeons.

Puzzle and Dragons Reaches 10 Million Download Mark!

Puzzle and Dragons continues to rise in popularity. In mid-March, Puzzle and Dragons (JAP) officially saw over 10 million downloads.

What’s even more surprising. This is just 19 days after they celebrated reaching 9 million users!

Their growth rate is pretty amazing. They are said to be averaging over $2 million a day in revenue. GungHo has been rather modest about their success, but they are a publicly traded company, so they are not able to hide their income reports.

It remains to be seen if the company can keep the game a hit. They have shown now signs of slowing, which bodes well for the long-term sustainability of their hit app.

Find out why it’s so addicting by getting started!

Puzzle and Dragons Makes Over $2 Million a Day!

Puzzle and Dragons’ creators GungHo Entertainment has recently announced that they are bring in over $2 Million a Day in revenue! Holy cow!

The game is wildly popular in Japan and has recently released its English Version.

The Japanese App’s popularity has no end in sight. It has recently hit a milestone of 10 million downloads. GungHo has celebrated this achievement by giving its players some very fun rewards.

GungHo is reporting revenue of between $54-75 million a month, and that number is steadily growing.
Will we see the same amount of success in the US? Only time will tell. But as of right now it appears to be on pace to blow Rovio’s Angry Birds revenue numbers out of the water!